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  • Is your product all organic?

    OrganiClear® products contain organic extracts and are free of harmful ingredients.

  • Who should use OrganiClear®?

    OrganiClear® is for any teen or adult who struggles with acne-prone skin, mild to moderate acne, adult acne and/or hormonal breakouts. OrganiClear® can be used by men and women. OrganiClear® takes advantage of the latest skincare technology to help clear acne, work to prevent future breakouts and give you great skin again and again.

  • What types of acne does OrganiClear® treat?

    OrganiClear® treats mild to moderate acne. This includes everything from the periodic, hormonally triggered blemishes that affect many adult women to the all-too-common pimples, whiteheads and blackheads that can trouble teenagers for years. Teen acne lasts, on average, 5 to 7 years; adult acne can last 20-plus years. Women can experience hormonal fluctuations throughout their monthly menstrual cycle. It's these fluctuations, accompanied by an increase in hormones called androgens, that explain why adult women, beginning in their twenties, can experience a resurgence of their acne.

  • How does OrganiClear® work to break the acne cycle?

    Because acne breakouts form silently under the skin, it’s important to use OrganiClear® daily to help break the acne cycle. OrganiClear®’s systems contain acne fighting ingredients which go to work early in the cycle to help prevent clogged pores and keep you from breaking out. Nothing can completely cure acne, but with the daily use of OrganiClear® you can help treat mild-to-moderate acne and prevent future breakouts.

  • What results can I expect from OrganiClear®?

    Generally, you will start to see results after 1-2 weeks of use, however some people see results in as early as one day. Remember, there is no cure for acne; so continued use is required to keep your skin looking clear, healthy, and beautiful.

  • Is OrganiClear® suitable for all ethnicities and skin types including sensitive skin?

    Yes. OrganiClear® products are designed for acne-prone skin. No matter your ethnicity or skin type – dry, oily, combination, normal or sensitive.